Ryerson Global Innovation Challenge


The Ryerson Global Innovation Challenge encourages students to explore and experience the realities of the markets around the world through interacting with individuals operating within those economies, cultures and academic environments.

Through stimulating challenges, students will have the opportunity to expand their horizons of experiential learning and innovation beyond the North American market.

This is your chance to innovate and make a difference on a global scale!



The Ryerson Global Innovation Challenge (RGIC) will allow young innovators to think and potentially commercialize ideas that have an impact on an international level.


RGIC will provide a platform for innovative young individuals and expose them to the tools available across Ryerson University to launch their ideas.

Challenge: A Focus on the Arab World

The Arab world has an enhanced focus on youth, innovation and social responsibility. These three areas are consistent in most of the countries that stretch from the Arabian Gulf to the Mediterranean ocean. There are phenomenal opportunities for collaboration between Canadian and Arab youth in the diverse efforts of social change that the Arab world is tackling. The aim of this RGIC challenge would be to execute a fruitful innovation exercise that indulges the engagement of the Canadian teams and young Arab student leaders youth who want to impact their country from a socio-economic perspective.

STAGE 1: Attend a mandatory information session. October 20th | 6pm | SLC 508

STAGE 2: Form a group with 2-5 members. Note- you must have at least 2 different faculties from Ryerson represented in your team.

STAGE 3:Attend the mandatory Panel session (this will help form your idea!) October 25th | TBA

STAGE 4: Write a 2 page proposal on an innovative solution that can enhance and positively impact the Arab world. It will also need to have the potential of being commercialized. Sub themes to focus on (but are not limited to):

1. Environment: Enabling or creating opportunities and/ or tools to protect the environment with an Arab world context.

2. Health: Innovative products, models or other solutions that would impact health and morality rates in the region

3. Economic independence: Creative solutions that will uplift the economic potential of Arab youth and providing them clearer paths to being financially independent.

STAGE 5: Presentations - Top proposals will be selected to come in and pitch your idea to a panel of judges. November 16th | 6pm | TRS 2-109 |

STAGE 6:Implementation - Top teams will be selected to travel to a host country where they will work with pre selected Arab youth from a post secondary institution and “fine-tune” their ideas to become more reflective of the context and the market they are impacting. Youth from the host country will be embedded in the innovation groups and participate in a pitch competition. The newly formed teams will also be given an opportunity to learn about the host country’s ecosystem and potentially, further incubate their ideas both in the host country and in Canada. Opportunity may arise to bring Youth from host country to Canada post implementation. Traveling time | January 2017|


The date of travel will be in January 2017

What is zone learning?

Zone learning transforms your educational experience at Ryerson. It takes you beyond the classroom and lets you meet and work with students from across the university who are creative, ambitious, and driven by passion. By becoming part of the Ryerson Zone Learning Network, you will get the right kind of support to create, develop, and launch your idea.



global experience

The international experience will allow young Canadians to think of markets on a larger scale and will allow for cultural interactions that will enhance their future careers as well as ventures.

social impact

The critical impact that will come from these innovators will help an emerging economy and will possibly have a greater return for local issues here in North America.

experiential learning

The competition will provide an outlet for people to use the learning they have received in a practical and innovative platform outside the walls of a class-room.


The open nature of the competition will allow for interdisciplinary teams to form across the faculties within Ryerson.


The competition provides a highly subsidized opportunity to work with local and international experts and the chance to be recognized for their talents and innovation.

mentors & advisors

The connection with mentors and advisors who are experts in the social venture field will propel the ideas being brought by the participants of this competition to a higher level.



  • We are looking for any undergraduate Ryerson students.
  • Teams are encouraged to use Ryerson Zone Learning Network as a resource to develop their innovative idea/project.
  • Applicants should conduct their own research to demonstrate that the idea does not already exist in the marketplace.
  • Focus should be put on how this joint project(this is for the proposal) can be feasible when it comes to implementation across borders and cultural differences that might exist.

(deadline for applications is November 7th at 11am)